Why you should turn off the turn off comment verifications on your craft blog or website TODAY

You're totally engaged, absorbed and engrossed in reading a blog or website content post. 

The words resonate with you, strike a chord, hit a spot. Hell yeah!

You're so moved that you feel compelled to leave a comment showing your appreciation and empathy. 

No Comment Vector Graphic

After summoning up your best message you notice the CAPTCHA, word verification, sums, puzzle or tick boxes all designed to confirm you're not a spammer or bot. 

Trouble is, you can't read the words, work out the puzzle or even the sum ;) 

So you give up and pass on leaving your insightful comment to die on the breeze. Just like the visitors to your site do.

#19 Remove the CAPTCHA, word verification, sums, puzzles & tick boxes from your blog or website comment moderation. Stick to physically moderating & approving your comments manually instead. More friendly. More personal. Also gives you the opportunity to comment back immediately too - always a good thing imho.

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