Why Pinterest is SO pin-portant for your creative, craft & handmade business success

Inspiring, well photographed, worth a thousand word images are a creative's source of daily nourishment. 

Pinterest, an online collective version of a notice or mood board, is a real-time smorgsabord of product & services photos for inspiration, ideas, feel goods, uniqueness, instruction & entertainment. 

Vintage camera vector art

Launched in 2010, 80% of it's users are women* & Pinterest is fast becoming a big player in social media traffic site referrals.

Whatever you're looking for or are into can probably be found on Pinterest. With a current estimated 70 million eyes* on Pinterest that should include all the creative products & services you're looking to sell. 

#2 Open a free account on Pinterest today. Create a board with your business name 
and start pinning your own creativity for the world to enjoy & purchase :)

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*Source http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/pinterest-stats/